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Official Weddings, Spiritual Weddings, Handfastings or Renewal of Vows

Regular price $300.00

Glenda is an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister who can perform weddings your way. Whether traditional, Spiritual, Hand-fasting or your way! Small intimate ceremony or larger ones. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and the ceremony is it's heart and soul. You deserve a wedding officiant who has the skill to express what it truly means for you. 
Have an anniversary coming up and you want to renew your vows, Glenda is the perfect officiant.    
No matter what type of ceremony you wish, your ceremony should be an honest reflection of your world view, your taste and style and of course your love.  She can create that and then clearly perform it - your very unique, personalized ceremony -  for you, your family and guests.       

You can be as creative, formal, or informal, as you wish. She is an especially good choice to officiate for secular, interfaith, multi-cultural, and spiritual couples, giving you the opportunity to have your traditions and world view accurately respected.

Glenda is an especially good choice if you are looking for something non-traditional. She is open to your path and will find the balance that may be needed to accommodate you and your families.

She will listen to you and make lots of suggestions - and in the end, you will have the perfect ceremony. She is comfortable, sensitive and aware of the diverse needs of today's families. 

She will meet with both bride and groom together and separately to secure your final approval of every word and detail.  You will know exactly what the ceremony is all about, and therefore you will be more relaxed and 'in the moment,' as you exchange your vows.         
Prices depend on duration, size of wedding party and distance.
Fee starts at $300.00 plus expenses, if any. 


Contact Glenda at 610.570.2247 or email her for further information and scheduling.