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Jenna Rose recommends Glenda's Magical Creations ... 5 stars on May 21, 2024.
Glenda is absolutely amazing!!!! Her reiki sessions have literally changed my life. I suffered an injury and was in a wheelchair for a year but because of Glenda I was able to heal and transition out of my wheelchair. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Michele Be
Glenda is the best friend a person can ask for and the most skilled reiki grandmaster I have ever worked with or received care from! I highly recommend her services on May 22, 2024 ....  5 stars
"Glenda is a consummate professional. She's a bundle of creative energy, nurturing master teacher, and a force of nature. It's a privilege to work with her. Highly recommended. "
"Glenda has a very compassionate and loving heart, capable of great presence that is healing on it's own. Combine that with equally powerful Reiki skills and you have the recipe for a wonderful experience in her hands."
"During this time of pandemic and self-isolation, Glenda's on-line meditation and other services are a true gift. She offers an opportunity to be connected to others with spirit and technology. "
"Glenda it’s very talented is great teacher !"
"Glenda is an absolute pleasure to work with and is highly skilled in all her crafts!"
ZsaZsa Debblez recommends Glenda's Magical Creations...  5 stars on May 8, 2023.I am very grateful and blessed to have a mentor like Glenda Dawson. Her extensive knowledge of spirituality is outstanding. Learning by her teachings has brought my spiritual growth into a new way of understanding. She brings spirituality to a new and exciting higher level. Glenda helps her students connect with their true Higher Self and guides us through our individual spiritual journey. She has patience, compassion and loving energy towards each one of her students. Glenda is a true Spiritual Leader well needed for all of us to evolve into the New Earth. She continues to be unstoppable when it comes to helping and healing humanity. Glenda is a true example of humanity in the making. Thank you Glenda for all that you do. We truly appreciate you. Many blessings!

Nancy Lopez recommends Glenda's Magical Creations.... 5 stars on 10/2/2022.... I just wanted to say I am so thankful that I found you and you’re in my life I have opened up in so many ways. My religion where I am truly open to Jesus. My intuition where I am accepted and I am welcomed to hone in on my skills and grow. My peace where I can meditate and find inner peace and strength.  And a friend most of all. Thank you.


René Bouchard  recommends Glenda's Magical Creations - 5 stars on January 14, 2020 -- I have suffered with PTSD for years, I seen a psychologist to help me deal with this disease. I was also given medication from my family doctor so I could get through my days. Last year I was diagnosed with a rare white blood cell disease called Eosinophilic. I started doing Reiki 9 months ago with Grand Reiki Master Glenda Dawson. I feel that Reiki has helped me manage both my diseases. During this time with Glenda I found her to be very knowledgeable at what she does. If you are thinking of starting Reiki I would recommend that you give Glenda a chance to help you improve yourself.
Carla Bouchard  recommends Glenda's Magical Creations - 5 stars on January 14, 2020-I had my first Reiki session with this wonderful lady. If you want to heal from the inside out this is the way to go. Heal your mind, body and soul. This experience is wonderful. ❤️
Stephanie Laquino  recommends Glenda's Magical Creations - 5 stars on May 12 2019 -Everything Glenda is amazing I love her Reiki sessions her energy is amazing she has changed my life !


April Butler reviewed Glenda's Magical Creations  - 5 stars  on  June 29, 2018

Glenda is an awesome woman. She has helped me several times using Reiki. She recently did a reading for me and was spot on. I would highly recommend her.


Desiree Bowman  recommends Glenda's Magical Creations - 5 stars on June 27, 2018