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Reiki Certification


As a Reiki Grand Master in a few lineages, Glenda is able to provide training in person or at a distance. You may just take one level or choose to train all the way to Grand Master status with Glenda. In person, the training will be conducted at Glenda's facility and distant training will be conducted over the net on zoom.
Glenda is a Member of two international associations where documentation has to be provided of her education and levels in order to be approved as a Member and a member of International Association of Therapists
International Association of Reiki Practitioners
Reiki Healing Association 
International Association of Therapists
Some of the Training Levels Offered:
Usui Reiki (22 Levels)
       Levels 1 through 22 (for Grand Master Certification)
Right Hand Path Reiki (10 Levels) 
       Levels 1 through 10 (for Grand Master Magus Certification) 
Karuna Ki Reiki  (9 Levels)
       Levels 1 through 9 (for Grand Master Certification)
       **Prerequisite Usui Reiki 3 Master
Kundalini Reiki  (10 Levels)
        Levels 1 through 10 (for Grand Master Certification)
       **Prerequisite Usui Reiki 3 Master
Children's Usui Reiki (3 Levels) 
       Levels 1 through 3 (for Master) 
Elemental Reiki (3 Levels) 
       Levels 1 through 3 (for Master)
       **Prerequisite Usui Reiki 3 Master
Little Miracles of the Right Hand Path Reiki (9 Levels)
       Levels 1 through 9 (Grand Master by the age 18) 
       **Prerequisite Usui Reiki Level 2
Some other Reiki Training Modalities that Glenda teaches and integrates in treatment sessions. 
  1. Abundance and Prosperity Reiki
  2. Agape Reiki
  3. Alchemy Reiki
  4. Amaterasu Reiki
  5. Answered Prayers Reiki
  6. Archangelic Seichim Reiki
  7. Ashta Lakshmi Reiki
  8. Bam Reiki
  9. Butterfly Reiki
  10. Chenrezig Reiki
  11. Celestial Reiki
  12. Cosmic Kundalini Reiki
  13. Deep Blue Reiki
  14. Excalibur reiki
  15. Father Sky Reiki
  16. Fire Crystal Reiki
  17. Fusion Reiki
  18. Gentle Love Reiki
  19. Good karma reiki
  20. Guidance Reiki
  21. Happy Reiki
  22. He Xian Gu Beauty
  23. Highest Good Reiki
  24. Image Reiki
  25. Indian Reiki 1 – 3
  26. Indian Waterfall Reiki
  27. Isis Seichim
  28. Karma auric reiki
  29. Kundalini Reiki 1 – 3 (Steven Lovering)
  30. Lammas Empowerment
  31. Laxmi Reiki
  32. Life Energy Alignment
  33. Light of Perfection
  34. Light bringer Reiki
  35. Lion Reiki
  36. Lotus Petal Reiki
  37. Magic Protection Reiki
  38. Meridian Reiki
  39. Money Reiki 1 – Grandmaster 
  40. My way home Reiki
  41. Nixsa Reiki
  42. OBE Reiki
  43. Oneness Reiki
  44. Power Animal Reiki
  45. Prime Reiki
  46. Protection Reiki
  47. Psychic Privacy Protection 
  48. Reiki Psychic
  49. Reiki Rainbows
  50. Self-Love Reiki
  51. Archangel Michael's Blue Flame Reiki
  52. Pink Reiki
  53. Kundalini Fire Reiki
  54. Wiccan Reiki
  55. Kundalini Reiki
  56. Dragon Reiki
  57. Elemental Reiki
  58. Anti-Radiation Reiki
  59. Cosmic Soul Mate Reiki
  60. Archangel Angelic Reiki

Glenda has been listed and received Certification as a Master-Teacher at the Accredited School as follows:

Celestial LightBody - https://www.livingreikiacademy.co.uk/clba-teachers

Celestial LightCode - https://www.livingreikiacademy.co.uk/clca-teachers

Crystalline Reiki - https://www.livingreikiacademy.co.uk/crystalline-reiki-teachers

Multi-Dimensional Matrix - https://www.livingreikiacademy.co.uk/multi-dimensional-matrix-teachers

Crystal Light Code Ascension Reiki - https://www.livingreikiacademy.co.uk/crystal-lightcode-teachers

Diamond Light Code Ascension Reiki - https://www.livingreikiacademy.co.uk/crystal-lightcode-teachers

If you have taken any levels of training with someone else, you will have to provide the Certificate to obtain the next level. 
Prices vary for each type and level.  Please contact me directly to discuss your needs and scheduling.  A non-returnable deposit is required and balance paid on the day of class. 
For each level, there will be training provided, 2 Attunements (one at end of training and one 21 days later also referred to as a sealing attunement) handouts, book and Certificate.   
Once you train with Glenda, you will be invited to a private support group and further exercises for your continual growth and evolution is the main objective. 
In Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, Kundalini Reiki  - Each Different Book is written by Grand Master Glenda Dawson. Please contact Glenda Dawson at glendasmagicalcreations@gmail.com for more information