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The Fine Print- Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

Terms of Service for Readings and Coaching

(a.k.a. “The Fine Print”)

I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Please understand and accept that our working relationship is completely at will and its success primarily dependent on your free will. Therefore there can be no guarantee of outcome and by working with me, you understand that you accept and agree to that.


The client understands that consultations with Glenda are solely for personal growth, education, and recreation, and are not meant to replace therapeutic modalities such as psychotherapy, psychiatry or counseling. There are not intended as such nor is Glenda qualified to diagnose and treat mental illness. Sessions in no way can replace legal advice or medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment. The client understands and accepts that if they are uncomfortable or find the session unproductive in any way or for any reason, it is their responsibility to terminate this session and doing so within the first 10 minutes of the session entitles them to a full refund. The client also understands that they are responsible for their own life, that they have free will, that intuitive information shared indicates possible outcome. Ultimately all choices regarding outcome are the responsibility of the client. The client understands that the windows of opportunity do not stay open indefinitely and that to move forward they must act with purpose and reason as they are guided to do so. By Booking a Session, the client, not only acknowledges the terms and conditions on this site but the client hereby agrees that they will submit a current picture of themselves with their eyes clearly visible and that the name they use is their legal name down in the Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement and the name that they are known by in every day life.

LEGALITIES FOR PA:   Any readings using such divination tools as Tarot, Pendulums, crystals, etc. as FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

My practice is that readings are intuitive tools. They are not about predicting future events. They are about my interpretation of what I intuit from Spirit, Archangels and Guides. Other readers out there may predict anything and everything and give you an answer to any question you ask. Understand there are questions that I am not allowed to answer and once told that, I will relate that to you. That in no way means that I have an answer and I am not telling you. We are blessed with free will and the future is subject to change based on our choices. Understand, that although I am not a doctor, if I suggest you consult with one, I urge you to do so.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website, and all information written or channeled by Glenda Dawson or any member of her team, in any manner or form, is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional health or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or for professional financial advice or planning. Health, financial and life results vary with each individual and no results are guaranteed. No writing or live, written, or recorded channeling from Glenda Dawson or any member of her team, is meant or intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or other life condition. Satisfaction is guaranteed on a per session basis under the terms, conditions and agreement as stated on this site.