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Healing Session of Our 10 Bodies of Our Psyche

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Spiritual Mentors empower our understanding that we are greater than our physical body, our soul and our mind (negative, positive and neutral). Our arcline, our aura, our pranic body, our subtle body, our radiant body and our interconnections are all factors of our well being. Strengthening of all bodies creates waves of consciousness that, ultimately, lead to authentic healing and an enhanced ability to focus on our soul to guide us in fulfilling our life purpose and our soul's evolution. The Ten Bodies are powerful capacities of the psyche. Each body has specific gifts that manifest when strong, and deficit tendencies that surface when weak. Your caliber is determined by the balance of your Ten Bodies. You can strengthen any of the Ten Bodies by developing an ability to identify which body is out of balance and then practicing the appropriate remedy to strengthen that body.

Herein, we will be sharing quick explanation of each body and its attributes. I will, also, in this intensive healing session provide specific activation energy frequencies for a healthy, balanced psyche.

Once your bodies are cleanse and healed, we will bring them all together making them the 11th body and give you Mantras to help maintain them healthy. 

Once you have bought this healing session you will be able to set up an appointment via email.  This can occur in person or on zoom (distance healing).

This is an approximately 45 minute session with the explanation prior to cleansing and healing!