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Bliss Energy Healing Sessions (30 Minutes)

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When we experience upsetting feelings, the negative emotional energy can be so powerful that it becomes struck in the body.  A trapped emotion is literally a ball of energy ranging from the size of a golf ball to a small melon.   These energies can lodge anywhere in the body and cause problems for us   They can create a distorting effect on the normal energy field of the body.  This interferes with chemical reactions, the flow of energy in the meridians and with blood and lymph flow.  Discomfort can result such as headache, neck, should, back and abdominal pain. I will use different tools, as requested by the higher self, to clear these blocked energies which can help us feel better physically. The release of these energies supports a strong immune system which allows the body's natural ability to process, rebalance and heal itself.

Trapped emotions can also affect us mentally and emotionally.  Various tools can be used to identify a myriad of emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, panic and heartache.  Some of these emotions were absorbed or inherited from ancestors passed down through several generations.  Releasing these emotions can make us feel lighter during difficult times.  Clearing trapped energies can also increase our emotional, mental and physical resilience.   Liberating emotional baggage not only helps us to feel better, it helps to keep our bodies strong and healthy. 

Most popular choice for clients who seek rest, relaxation and restoration of mind, body, and soul.  Aromatherapy, crystals, sound and energy work will be included as needed to enhance each session! These are mini 30 minutes long session and an appointment must be made.