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This is How Being Grateful Feels Like!

Posted by Glenda Dawson on

What does a woman do when she is grateful, she reaches up further and continues to bless others as well.

I do not know if you have heard or not but I will be doing programs on the Glenda's Magical Creations Channel for the Conscious Awakening Network on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV.  


The soft launch is expected by end of October and we will be fully launched by end of year!

What a blessing to provide enlightening programs, classes and podcasts designed to help you awaken your consciousness, provide healing and expand your awareness. Collectively, there are over 125,000,000 monthly viewers on these three non-censoring platforms.

There is something for everyone.  There will be not only podcasts like Three Witches and a What featuring myself, Glenda Dawson, Mary Nunez and Marianna Leah.  Also, there will be classes, meditation, energy healing and much more!

To see a little taste of what is coming up go to my YouTube Channel and see the first episode of Three Witches and a What... https://youtu.be/_HNNfvJI4tE

Go ahead look around at some of the other programming.  Don't forget to subscribe for more!

Our programming offers something for everyone, from those just starting on their spiritual journey to those who have been exploring these topics for years. With speakers and teachers from around the world, we provide access to some of the best information and resources available on conscious expansion, quantum science and spirituality.

No matter where you are on your journey, we can help you take the next step forward. Explore and join us on the path to conscious awakening today!

There will also be a downloadable Apple IOS and Android Apps available and a website.

Looking forward to having you join and hearing from you.

Many Blessings,

Glenda Dawson,  Rev. Sensei, Grandmaster, Magus, Mentor



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