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Almost Done with Book - Sarah's Chrysalis

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Be on the look out for it.. Working on the final draft on the graphics and aiming for publication by end of October on Amazon.... Below is the foreword written by Well known and well like Chip Reichenthal, author, paid speaker and radio host of various shows.
By: Glenda Dawson
~ ~ Foreword ~ ~ 
This is a wonderful read, and the way it reads is representative of its resplendent Author, Glenda Dawson. Glenda is one of the most talented and gifted people I know. Yet you wouldn’t see that automatically. At first impression, she is tame, balanced, and polite…but the more you get to know her, the more you see that there’s a nearly infinite set of layers, and each layer is a delightful surprise. I don’t think anyone would turn down a package containing a series of unique gifts. That is what Glenda Dawson is. She has a crisp, intricate wisdom. Not the kind of wisdom that comes from the street…not the kind of wisdom a Rhodes Scholar possesses. Her wisdom is more Oracle-like, with an unusually keen visage that transcends dimensions, and thankfully Glenda uses that wisdom to the benefit or enlightenment of others. Along with her delightful Partner Larry, who’s both a twin flame and life partner (and one of the finest men I’ve ever met), she sharply utilizes her gifts as a Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher; and Glenda being the most gifted Reiki Healer I have come across, and an extremely gifted Psychic Reader and Medium, and always toward the betterment of others. It helps to know all these things going into the reading of this marvelous Book. Especially when it graces certain elements that would seem almost jargonistic to folks outside these particular realms, especially in regard to relationships or romances in ways much deeper than simply on its face. To consider the following will enhance the reader, to see well beyond the surface of this wonderful missive and allow the reader to gain so much more from what you’re about to experience moments from now.
For example, the concept of ‘soulmates’, who are people in your life that once you meet them, you feel as though you’ve always known them, and these friendships or romances function on a much deeper level than other friendships or lovers you’ve had in life. Think on your own best friends, or those you choose to confide in over others, or the most vital relationships throughout your own life, and the term ‘soulmate’ may better resonate with you. With any luck, you may have come across the strongest level of ‘soulmate’, often referred to as a ‘twin flame’…the yen to your yang, if you will, that person in your life that you connect with so deeply, you can finish each other’s sentences, or sense something feels wrong, if they suffer some misfortune, even if they are miles away. This often occurs with twin siblings, that kind of automatic sensibility they share, hence the term ‘twin flame’.
There is also a passing fancy in this Book regarding past lives, something many people in Western culture would tend to disregard, especially in Western religious beliefs. I can at least tell you, as a Clinical Hypnotherapist that specializes in a type of hypnosis called ‘Past-Life Regression’, that this particular practice can bring amazing benefit to clients, whether they believe in past lives or not, or whether or not you resonate with reincarnation. For those outside the psychic profession or the realms of spirituality, you would rarely have to consider this topic, but it’s an everyday consideration in the aforementioned practices…and yet, there are likely people you have encountered in life that you feel as though you have known them all along, and better still, you’ve known them through lifetimes…or places you travel to where you feel as though you’ve been there before. The concept of past lives, in that sense, is the icing on the proverbial cake where that feeling is concerned. Similar to my hypnotherapeutic practice, whether you believe in past lives or not holds no bearing, yet knowing that may help you further connect to the wonders you are about to enjoy. Lastly, in our world, a ‘chrysalis’ marks the epitome of transformation…cocoon-to-butterfly. Normally, it regards one’s path from death-to-afterlife, which can be much more wonderful and transcendent than it sounds. Sometimes it marks a change in romances, where something bad has to happen to open oneself to better things. In order to find Heaven, one has to die first…at least metaphorically speaking. And you are about to empathize with a grand and unique transcendence indeed.
Fortunately for me, I have been happily married for more than 30 years…and in that same regard, have not come from a past that dealt with any kind of abuse, nor have I ever dealt with divorce…so some of the things that are dealt with here from the first-person perspective of another, which in itself is amazing, I can connect with nonetheless. For those readers that have had either of those traumas, some of the crisp perspectives painted marvelously here can actually HELP you. THAT is among the many-layered wonders of what you are about to enjoy in the reading of this Book. It is like a gift that keeps on giving.
“Sarah’s Chrysalis” is, on its face (or prima facia, to be fancy) is a crisp, first-person ‘Harlequin-esque’ Romance Novel, with a dash of ’50 Shades’, and is more of a real page-turner than I anticipated. And yet, much like Glenda herself, there are layers of insight that, with each layer, is akin to a wonderful surprise. It is SO much deeper than what it appears to be, and I dearly hope, from what I have painted here, will help you enjoy this marvel as much as I. So, enjoy this Book, and see for yourselves the delights that I have seen. I congratulate you on your taste, in getting this Book in the first place, and by all means, you can truly enjoy even more personal benefit by learning more about Glenda Dawson and her incredible gifts, either through glendasmagicalcreations.com or glendasdragonsden.com.
I credit Glenda for saving my life, even as the happy person I am. I have at my behold the most gifted professionals in the world, in the realms I have discussed here…and I chose Glenda Dawson. So, as I personally know good taste when I see it, I am very glad to see your good taste, in choosing to read “Sarah’s Chrysalis”.
-Chip Reichenthal, Published Author,
Paid Speaker, Radio Host


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