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Yes, I know I have been quiet!  If you ever see that a Gemini is quiet or too quiet, know that they are planning, making moves, doing changes to better themselves or others.  

A true Gemini does not tell until all is signed sealed and delivered and you know I am a true Gemini!  ha ha ha ha

I have to tell you, this has been an awesome ride!   I not only have expanded by programing on my own channel, "Glenda's Magical Creations", on the "Conscious Awakening Network", but have decided to truly dedicate myself to my spiritual path and continue to grow and evolve.  Here is my YouTube channel so you can catch up on all of the programing I have done to date:  https://www.youtube.com/@glendasmagicalcreations/streams

While I have now a few different podcasts every week, I also have decided to continue my training.   I am now a Reiki Grandmaster 25th Level.  I can still remember when I did my levels 1 through 3 back in the day, I felt wonderful but truthfully the higher I go and the more modalities I obtain and get attuned to, the higher my vibrations rise and the stronger the connection is to the divine energy- Life Source Energy.  

I have also channeled and reignited my memory of a new healing modality that I have always had in me but could not access it.... it was time for it now....

I call it "Third Eye Healing Travel"!  

Well, you really didn't think I was going to stop there, did you?  I have obtained my training in the DNA LightCode Re-Alignment Healing Program Modality to start with and I have become one of few certified teachers to teach at the accredited school "The Academy of Living Reiki Therapies" with these and a few other courses/programs:

Celestial LightBody - https://www.livingreikiacademy.co.uk/clba-teachers

I do hope you now see that when I am quiet, I am shifting and planning for greater!  I have so much more to share but I think you will be overloaded ha ha ha ha.   Another time!  If you need any type of healing, mentoring or classes/courses,  message me...  I Got You!
PS.   Guess what?   I am going quiet again!  
Till next time.... Sending Blessings and Much Love!  

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  • I’m am so happy for you & proud of you! Congratulations!🎉💜

    Cheri on

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