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Well… hello…. It is a gorgeous day here in East Central PA.  It is sunny but a bit colder than norm.  It’s ok… I will take the sunshine.  Makes everyone feel a little better.

I want to discuss with you a few things that have come up in the last few days.

I want to say that YOU are not alone!   You may feel lonely because of the isolation but YOU at not alone!  You may feel lonely because your loved ones seem to be on the computer instead of taking this opportunity to be with you… but YOU are not alone.  You may feel lonely because every time you go to talk to them, it feels to you like you are a bother because it is a mass race back to social media… but YOU are not alone.  You may not have anyone but your fur babies around you and feel lonely because you desire human interaction… but YOU are not alone.   I am here for you and there are many that you can reach out to.  Sometimes no one reaches out because they are afraid they are a bother, well…. Hmmm… let’s see…. If no one reaches then how are you going to communicate and (like the old telephone company’s campaign)  reach out and touch someone.  WE are all in this together and the faster we understand that, the easier WE all will get through this.  If those within your confined surroundings do not appreciate this opportunity to grow and strengthen your relationship, then reach out to a friend, neighbor, old school buddy.  Just REACH OUT!  If you do not want to call, then email, text, message or leave little memes on their social media wall.  Wait wait… there is that old fashion thing call postal service mail….  OMG

I know it too well, sometimes we just need someone to hear us not to give us their opinions on how it should be.  Sometimes you just need to vent to be able to let that go and think clearly.  Sometimes you just need to be acknowledged…  remember YOU are not alone!

There was a message given at a Mediumship Development Class recently where spirit said “Remember Family First” What a beautiful message and warning.  It is to remind us that those around us is what matters not those that are on the other side of a computer or telephone screen only.  Many forget and start to take those around them for granted. Do not realize that what they do or not do, say or not say and how it is said, may be different by the recipient very different than they intended to be.  Please examine what your behavior before you miss another great opportunity for love.

Remember this is on them and when we are able to resume our new regular life, they will see their losses and missed chances.  I know this particular friend of mine who is having a chronic illness flareup and 99% of the times that they attempt to speak to their significant other, they get attitude and again feel lonelier than they have ever been.  They reach out and now know that although they feel like they are nowhere, they will come out stronger and more determined than ever on the other side.  We are blessed that we are not totally secluded and have the ability to communicate, one way or another.  Use it so it is not taken away!

Now,  can be start being nicer and kinder to everyone we meet.  I have seen people being rude and downright idiots to each other.  Why be rude to those that are trying to bring you your essentials, like store workers, health providers, cable people, car repair technicians, etc.

Please be safe, kind and careful. Wear your masks and gloves! Remember WE are all in this together!



  • I am blessed you have shared yourself with me and have allowed me to be part of your path!

    Glenda on

  • What a great message. I love you ur groups for they help me be mindful and see things from others perspective. Thanks for all u teach!

    Helen on

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