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Tarot Reading For Week of 1-24-2022

Posted by Glenda Dawson on

I have decided to pick 3 cards... "left, middle and right".

Look at the picture and allow your higher spirit to speak to you.  Pick the one that resonates with you the most, before continuing to read, to obtain guidance from higher spirit.  

Pick One of These: 

Once you have picked the one that resonates the most with you, read further:

This seems to be an action week for everyone!  I would love to hear from you on which card resonated with you the most.   See you next week!



Meaning of Reading 1-23-2022  (Action needs to be taken this week!)

Left:  Winged Messengers

This card indicates a small conflict in your home or family.  It could involve you and another, or others in your extended family.  There could be money issues about the home, an inheritance, or personal finances. You may feel compelled to be the peacemaker.  Let your Spirit Guides direct you. Happily, your spirit is high above those challenges, so you can see them clearly and deal with them effectively.

Middle:  Summer/Winter

Action may be an important part of this cycle, and it can take many forms.  This may be the perfect time to take steps toward your personal goals, perhaps get more exercise, plan more social events, or start a fun activity you’ve been wanting to do.  You might also reflect on what actions and perspective would attract a new romance or enhance your love life. This card tells you to consider what needs to be done and then Go For It! This is a movement, of some kind of card, so get ready!

Right:  The Sands of Time

This card shows that, in some matter of importance, time is of the essence.  There could be an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. It may be a project, situation or personal connection that requires action, or event completion.  You might have had some delays, or you may have been highly active and industrious for some time.  Either way, keep going. Your focus and effort are still required in order to get to the end game.  Don’t let worry steer you away from your goal.  There is still more yet to do, so don’t give up!



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