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Posted by Glenda Dawson on

So how is 2020 for you so far?   For me it has been wonderful and magical!  I have many events that I have been asked to be at and have attended some wonderful magical and wicked events so far.  Yes hard to imagine that they could be magical and wicked but man what experiences.  I also been expanding my center and soon will be bringing in more guests teachers and adding more events. 

I have had the privilege of attuning my youngest son, his girlfriend/partner and my hubby to Usui Reiki Level 1.  Although all 3 have natural healing abilities, it is wonderful to see their desire to take it to the next level and evolve with it, all for greatest good and healing! Wow there energy and connection to the Universe!

I have met many new people and I am always so blessed by that because of the opportunities it inspires. New experiences and perspective to live -  what a blessing. 

I have started teaching classes online with great success and soon plan to add many new classes online and in person.   It is such a great feeling when you see in someone's eyes that sparkle of joy, commitment and ability.  

There is so many good and magical things happening.  

Hey I know you might have considered taking Reiki classes for yourself but did you know I have been trained to teach children?  Yes I am able to train children from age of 4 to 16 in Usui Reiki and Right Hand Path Reiki System.  Actually I have developed a new lineage under the Righ Hand Path Reiki System just for children.  Children are so open and magical themselves.

You ask why only till 16, well at age 16 you can be attuned for regular adult Reiki.  Once attuned by me, whether a child or adult, you will then be invited to a private Facebook group where I post many exercises and lots of information for your continual growth.

I know that you have questions, but feel they are silly ones.  I do not believe any question is silly, so please ask away. You can email me at glendasmagicalcreations@gmail.com and I will answer promptly.

Let me know if there is any class you wish to take,  I can schedule it in a group setting or a private lesson.  

Well, need to go for now!  Hope to see you soon at a class or a session!

Blessings,   Glenda 



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