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       Hey… I know it has been a while!  I just wanted to say that I am sending health, love and Reiki to all of you.   I know many ask how you are, but I am truly interested in hearing from you.  Tell me your joys, sorrows and everything in between.  You do not have to post here, you can email me directly. 

     How am I?  you ask!  I am well… a little tired but the full moon regenerated and rejuvenated me.  I slept like a baby and received many downloads.  I hope you got to see it in its full bloom.  It was very majestic few nights… its splendor and luminescence were out of this world!

     So…. What have you been doing to keep yourself safe, healthy and occupied?   I have been doing many events on Zoom (hope you look them up), gardening and reorganizing my home… one room at a time.  Can you tell I am bored to death (ha ha ha).  Seriously, I been accomplishing many things that usually am not able to do for many reasons.  I do wear a mask and gloves when going out for essentials and still try to go to the small food establishments and take out.

     I do miss going to the office doing events and classes, face to face.  I miss hugging everyone and enjoying their company and stories. I am a huge hugger!  I have made many good friends and thankfully we are still in touch with Zoom, cell and social media.  I have been thinking that once we are all out of this, I will be doing a huge open house at my Center.  For those that can’t be in person because of distance, maybe I will be able to stream it so that everyone can participate, no matter where they are at that moment.

     I have been paying-it-forward by doing mini distance Reiki sessions to anyone that give me express permission in an email.  How cool is that!  I hope it brings peace, relaxation, healing and support as it does to me doing this.  So, what are you waiting for?  Never had Reiki, well here is a good time to try it out without a single penny from you.

     I am here for you, no matter what your needs are, whether you want a Reiki session, spiritual coaching, even having someone perform your wedding.  I know it is hard right now to get people to come out for you, we can do this!  Just reach out!  We can practice safeness and yet continue living!  We are blessed to have the internet, where in 1920’s pandemic, they had nothing! 

     Stay cautious but do not live in fear which sometimes does more harm to you than anything else.

May you be safe, May you be healthy, May you be peaceful!

Peace, Love and Health,




  • Thank you so very much Helen… love hearing from you as well

    Glenda on

  • Hi Glenda!
    It is so great to hear from u!

    Helen on

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